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What is toner exactly and why we need it in our skincare

You see these little bottles in the drugstores and every beauty retail store. They are all filled with beautiful clear liquid, most of the time it’s clear. Is it water? You pick it up and oh, it’s toner.  What is toner and why do we need it?

what is toner and why do we need it

Toner should be a part of your daily skincare routine and the first step right after washing your face, (so really it’s the second step haha).  Why do we need to do this though?

First, it helps clean out lingering dirt and gross stuff that washing your face doesn’t get. Second, it acts as a primer if you will, for your moisturizer. Do this for me next time. One night, try putting your serums/moisturizers on without toning first. Then the next time, tone first then put on all your moisturizers/serums. You will be able to tell a difference. The toner is an aid for your skin to metabolize and really sink in the moisturizers.  Without it, the moisturizers feel as if it’s just sitting on top of your face.  You should be toning twice a day, morning and night.  Toning has so many great benefits besides the two basics we just talked about above. It tightens pores, prevents aging, and improves the overall appearance of your skin.  What is toner again you ask? It’s a must as part of your most basic skincare routine after washing your face.  (Don’t confuse toners for astringents as those are very different. More on that later.)

Here are 3 of our top most trusted toners.

  1. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner - 12 oz $10.95 - tried and true and budget friendly. Witch hazel typically has alcohol in the formula, but this one does not. Witch hazel, as you might guess, has a mystical history and folklore associated with this plant. However, rooted in science it’s fabulous for cleaning wounds and acts as a healing aid.  Think battle ground nurses carrying witch hazel in their arsenal for injured soldiers. What we love about this is if you have acne prone skin this will definitely help clean out the bacteria and speed up the healing process.  They have different scents like rose, lavendar, and a nonscented one for those sensitive to smells. All of the scents are light and bright. 

  2. Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion - 6.7 oz $36 - This is pricier, but so worth it. It also smells amazing. Origins markets this as a hydrating lotion treatment, but it is a toner that gets your skin ready for the rest of your skincare routine. Mushrooms are magic indeed.

  3. Aesop’s B & Tea Balancing Toner - 3.4 oz $35 - Ahhhh very pricey, but we do love a good Aesop. It’s such a good brand and good branding with feels of a local apothecary. Even better is that their products work and are so fancy.  This particular one is great for most skin types. We encourage you to browse their full toner line to see which fits your skin best, but this one is infused with green tea (which means bookoo antioxidants) and leaves the skin feeling bright and refreshed.

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