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4 Vitamins That Make Your Vagina Happy and Healthy 

Women’s health is a big deal. It’s sensitive to a lot of things and anything could throw it out of whack from eating too much sugar to wearing too tight pants. Here’s four supplements that help keep your vagina happy and health. From UTI’s and yeast infections to PCOS and mood swings, these babies will set you straight again. Long gone are days of cranberry juice. New studies show that the benefits of ingesting cranberries to combat UTI’s are very small. Yes, it may help prevent them, but why don’t you try things that actually work? Read on.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar - taking shots of this is so gross. If you’ve ever done this before, then you know what we’re talking about when we say that a gag reflex is very real. Taking supplements is much better and easier. Apple cider vinegar (ACV for short) helps with yeast infections and UTIs. It’s a little magic pill.  The vag is naturally more acidic on the pH scale to help fight invaders, but too much acidity tips the scale over and that’s where it causes problems. ACV when consumed turns alkaline, which helps balance out the pH in our girl making her happy. Next time you have a yeast infection try this supplement out and see how much of a relief you get. There’s so many benefits to ACV besides vaginal health including dietary reasons to decrease inflammation and balance out our guts. It also has probiotic properties even though it’s officially not a probiotic, but we’ll take it.

  • Probiotics - this is one of the more commonly known supplements to take for vaginal and gut health. You need the good flora to thrive. The problem with probiotics is the price tag that comes along with the reputable brands.  It’s nice to buy a bottle every now and then, but it adds up after a while. You know what supplement has probiotic properties though? Apple cider vinegar. Look if your girl down there is having problems and probiotics are too expensive, you can opt for apple cider vinegar to do the job for more than half the cost. Don’t count on apple cider vinegar alone to do the complete job of what probiotics is intended to do though (ie gut health). They both after all have different properties and purposes as a whole. You can take both for that extra boom.  

  • Turmeric - turmeric is usually found in middle eastern cuisine. It’s a spice that’s ground up from a root. It’s what gives curry that distinct earthy yellow color. It’s packed with anti-inflammatories and is a very strong antioxidant. Some people claim that it might be one of human kind’s “...most effective nutritional supplement in existence”, according to Healthline. Personally, I know someone who has consistent uterine cysts that burst on the regular every month and pain ensues. She was researching and found a random forum where a woman said to take turmeric. She did and after a month of daily intake, her cysts stopped. Mother Nature is magic. Turmeric has so many insanely good properties for every aspect. Ada Lip Beauty’s lipsticks even uses turmeric as a pigment. Win win!

  • Omega 3’s - Omega 3’s are touted as essential fatty acids that your heart and brain needs. What marketing companies don’t really get into in the nitty gritty is that it also helps regulate hormone levels in women. If you have PMS or all of a sudden you’re sent into a deep dark well of despair during your cycle it sounds like the progesterone hormone is too low. When you feel as if a dark cloud is lifted when your cycle ends, it's definitely your progesterone levels are too low. Power up with omega 3s and see how easy your next period is. If you’re worried about animal cruelty as omega 3s are usually derived from fish, there are plenty of vegan options on the market. Flaxseeds are good alternatives for fish omega 3s. If the vegan life hasn’t really hit your world yet, Nordic Naturals is a great reputable brand.

As a last note, FDA does not regulate supplements so the rule of thumb is to research the brand to determine trustworthiness.

We’re so excited you try these supplements out for a happy and healthy vagina. This girl has many monologues to go. Sound out below if any of these have helped. We would love to hear it. 

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