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3 Dry Skin Remedies That Won't Break the Bank

It’s officially the dead of winter in New York City. During a blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow, people screamed, “Winterfell!” as they rolled down snowy hilltops.  It’s hard to keep skin supple as we battle and trudge through the snow and wind. When we get home we cozy up on the couch with the heater on. It’s no wonder our skin is dried out.  Winter is harsh, but here’s some moisturizing products that will surely remedy dry skin.

Remedy dry winter skin
Image by Amir Taheri
  1. Neutragena’s Body Oil - we love this!  After a satisfying hot shower, before you towel off, you rub this onto your still wet skin and then towel off. This after shower oil helps lock in the moisture while your pores are still open from your steamy session. We get lazy sometimes and skip this step and boy did we mess up! You can tell a difference on nights when you’re disciplined enough to use this versus nights you get lazy and skip.  We often follow up with a round of body lotion to really give our skin that boost. The difference really is when we don’t use the oil we usually have to do 3 rounds/layers of lotion. We live in the northeast, it’s cold up here.  Bonus note: after prolonged use everyone will not stop commenting how soft your skin is, whoever has the honor of brushing up against you of course. One last thing, do yourself a favor and buy the 32 oz because you're going to regret not buying the biggest bottle. We understand if you want to try it out first. That's what I said when I tried out Tatcha and paid $20 for the small sample size bottle...Should've went with the full size. Don't mess this up.

    Dry Skin Remedy

  2. Ancient Greek Remedy Oil - there’s a reason why this item is so beloved on Amazon. Here’s a little secret (it’s because it works). You can use this anywhere on the body as described in the uh...description on the Amazing listing title - hair, skin, and nails.  I personally have either dandruff, dry scalp, or a combination of both.  It gets worse during the winter and this oil helps get rid of that like a miracle! Not to mention my hair feels so soft and shiny afterwards.  Use it as a hair mask, add it to your lotion for extra moisture or just use it alone.  This will remedy dry skin no time. 

    Dry Skin Remedy

  3. Lip Rally - you guys know we had to include our own product right? We’re here to help and sorry, not sorry, but our product is the ish!! It really works like everything else on this list. We’re not here to lead anybody wrong. We’re here to dish on the top products and it just so happens we made a bomb one! If you didn’t already know, let us introduce you to our lip scrub that’s used by both men and women. Our lips dry and crack during the winter, we don’t have to tell you that to know it's true. This will help gently exfoliate the dead skin off while delivering the hydration it needs. Use this everyday if you want, it’s that d4mn good in keeping your smackers hydrated and luscious. Check out the reviews if you don’t believe us. 

    Dry Skin Remedy

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