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Plant-based makeup colored from nature







Makeup should have a positive impact on your physical health as much as it has a positive impact on your mental-emotional health. 










We create makeup products that live in alignment with who you are - mind, body, + spirit with carefully crafted formulas enriched by the sun and the sea. Unifying Mother Nature with Science for every day conscious luxury. Show your true colors.

Why Fluency Beauty?


Our products are encased within biodegradable packaging made from corn that breaks down in less than a year. Once the products fulfill their purpose, it’s a poetic return to the soil enriching the very earth from which they sprang.


We empower our community to make informed decisions by being straightforward with our ingredient sourcing and environmental impact. Our community can then align their choices with their personal values and the planet's well-being. With Fluency, you can trust that what you see is what you get - a brand that is honest, open, and unafraid to be accountable for our actions.


Fluency prides itself on delivering tangible results using advanced technology to extract the richest pigmentation from agriculture and marine sources with the least environmental impact; while being equally devoted to nurturing our community's mental well-being through evidence-based positivity.


We consciously select partners in our supply chain that enforce regenerative practices that reduce wasteful water usage and prevent land degradation and deforestation. We ensure sustainability by nurturing ecosystems while creating beauty products that echo our reverence and longevity for the Earth.