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How to Clean Your Nasty Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders are one of those inventions that changed an industry. One of those things that are so simple, but so effective. The original Beauty Blender is still top rated, but there are plenty of replicas out there. None of them ever match the squishiness of the original, but some have come pretty darn close. You’ve reached cult status when you become an eponym - when a proprietary brand name becomes the generic term for the product.  For example, Kleenex is a brand, but has since become the general name for tissue paper. In the south, a coke is the general term for soda. So thus has become the beauty blender. If you buy the real Beauty Blender you know to stretch out your dollar, you must keep it clean. These babies ain’t cheap! If you buy the knock offs, which some are really great replicas at more than half the price, you can afford to throw them away and buy a new one. No one likes to waste money though, so clean whichever one you have to extend your dollar and not be wasteful.

However, that’s actually not the most important reason why you should be cleaning them. The most important reason why we suggest cleaning them on the regular is to keep your skin in tip top shape and to keep the bacterias at bay. The best way to clean a beauty blender is the same rule that applies to makeup brushes. You should be cleaning them after every use. Let’s be real though, who has time to do this!? But TRY. This is how to clean a beauty blender the best way.

The Presoak - the presoak stage is really important. You want to get it prepped for ultimate makeup melt-off. Get a cup or bowl and fill it with warm water. They sell cleansing liquid soaps specifically for beauty blenders as it’s a gentle formula that won’t damage the sponge and cause it to deteriorate too quickly. If you don’t want to shell out the extra money, use a gentle soap like baby shampoo and make a warm bubble bath. Drop your blenders in and squish it around and let it soak for two to five minutes. You’ll start to see the water turning brown from all the foundation and concealer. 

The Wash - take your blender out of the bowl and run it under warm water. Squish it multiple times to get the dirty water out as much as possible. If you still see stains get more soap and rub it directly onto the stains and lather up the sponge. As always, be as gentle as possible. We’re prolonging the life of it after all. You can also use specially made oils instead of the soaps. The soaps come in bar and liquid form all formulated for the beauty blender. Repeat until it looks brand new. However, if you’ve been slacking it’s probably not going to look brand new haha. Fair warning. There are other ways that we’ve seen to wash it like nuking it in the microwave for a minute in a cup of water to really kill off the germs, but we don’t like this method as much because it might damage the sponge. So just wash your blenders on the regular and you’ll be fine.  This concludes are lesson on how to clean a beauty blender

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