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All the Cool Benefits of Jojoba Oil - Why is it in our Skincare?

You see jojoba oil in a lot of skincare products nowadays. You know that it helps hydrate your skin, but that’s about it. There’s a reason why this is one of those must ingredients in cosmetic formulas. Let’s do a deep dive today into what exactly is jojoba oil and the benefits for your skin.

So where does jojoba oil come from? It’s derived from the Simmondsia chinensis plant - the seed to be exact. The plant is native to western North America and northwest Mexico (Mother Nature knows no man made demarcations after all). From a chemical standpoint, this oil has a long shelf life due to its chemical structural stability and a high melting point which makes it a cosmetic ingredient dream. This is one of the reasons why it’s so widely and commonly used in the beauty industry.

Moving on, since it’s vegan and plant derived, what are the actual benefits of incorporating jojoba oil into our beauty regimens? Welp, like we already know it’s super hydrating. The way it works is that the oil locks in moisture, it classifies as a humectant. Hereby, forming a protective layer to help prevent loss of moisture on the skin.

It’s an antioxidant. Like all antioxidants it helps protect our skin from free radicals. People often assume that antioxidants help promote collagen production. Although, it may be true to some extent, antioxidants really help protect current collagen and help boost current collagen to be at it’s best. So there is some research that suggests jojoba may help promote collagen synthesis, but that’s really due to the antioxidant properties. Either way, it’s a good property to have! Another property of antioxidants is that it helps promote wound healing, which means it’s great for acne prone skin. Think less scarring. This leads to the next property of jojoba oil, it’s non comedogenic. In other words, it’s not going to clog up your pores. So far so good. Let’s keep moving on…

In regards to Ada Lip Beauty, our entire line incorporates jojoba oil. Why? We incorporated jojoba oil into the formulas, because as a humectant, (remember this provides a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss) this is a great, dream ingredient to have on lips to prevent them from chapping and peeling. It’s kind of genius if we do say so ourselves and who doesn’t want collagen protection on our lips for extra plumpness? One of the problems in typical lip cosmetic products is that it’s very drying. Jojoba oil solves this problem and is why we promote our products as having lip balm properties to hydrate. If you look at our ingredients, jojoba oil is always listed as one of the top ingredients. The benefits of jojoba oil is myriad and multi faceted. It really is a star ingredient and often overlooked. It has become common ground and skipped over in marketing when promoting beauty products in lieu of more exciting ingredients. We think it’s time we pay homage to this ingredient again. It’s like when you date the exciting, unreliable asshole, and overlook the one who’s reliable, safe and always there for you. Be with the one who truly takes care of you and has your back.

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