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This is the Proper Order of Your Skincare Routine

Skincare is a hot topic these days with the pandemic. All of a sudden the beauty industry is seeing a heavier focus on skincare over color cosmetics. (We know. We launched a lipstick line during the most inopportune time ever in the history of cosmetics. Hey, we’re hopeful things will get better though). While we’re in these times, we might as well do things right. We’re here to help you decipher what skincare products go on first and in what order - the correct skincare routine order. Turns out there’s a correct way and a wrong way.

Reader be warned - this is the most extreme total and complete skincare regime you can do for yourself in one sitting. It’s like an at home spa facial experience. We hope you go to the bathroom first, because buckle up and continue reading for the most comprehensive skincare list and in what order there is.

We are assuming that you had an extreme full day of makeup and running around outdoors, so we’re going to start off the skincare routine by taking off your makeup and washing your face. There are great cleansing balms out there that we highly recommend courtesy of K-Beauty. It works. It’s a gentle way of melting off the makeup and dirt from the day. After that step, it’s time to wash your face. It’s crazy, we know, but we recommend getting to know what kind of skin you have if it’s dry, oily, or combination. Knowing this will help a lot and tailor your skincare game to you. There are specific fash washes out there that will help target your issues. We’re all about efficiency, so go for one that’s geared for you. If you’re not sure and say you’re middle of the road, absolutely go for a face wash that's pH balanced so it doesn’t strip away the good stuff off your skin. If you’re oily and prone to breakouts, definitely get a cleanser with salicylic acid that’ll help. Dry skin - you’ll need something that’s more hydrating. 

Oh this is where the fun begins around the whole entire skincare globe! After cleansing the skin, break out a face steamer and go at it. There’s so many affordable options nowadays for an at home spa experience. Most machines only take distilled water, and we agree because tap water is just too hard/harsh on the skin. If you're steaming it up, might as well use quality.  Steam for no more than 10 mins. Next step, exfoliation.  Steaming opens up your pores and loosens up the remaining dirt and gross stuff prepping them for exfoliation. When you exfoliate next, that further eliminates the dirt and grime build up of dead skin cells.

After that, do a deep cleansing clay mask. Leave on for 10 mins. After that, do another face mask by using one that targets hydration (you can use a face sheet mask for this step if you want to as well). Leave on for 10 mins.

Now that your skin feels amazing, it’s time to put on all your serums and lotions. You want to start with a toner, because that preps your skin to drink up everything you put on after this step. Next, you want to put on any acids, then essence (if you use K-beauty products), serums, then hydrating oils. If it’s the dead of winter and your skin is extra parched you can put on face lotion last. However, it really depends on your skin and our skincare routine prior (if you’ve been following along) should already have you all covered.

So a quick recap:

  1. Remove makeup and dirt with cleansing balm
  2. Wash your face with a pH balanced cleanser
  3. Steam for no more than 10 mins
  4. Exfoliate (do not exfoliate on the daily -3x/wk)
  5. Deep cleansing clay mask for 10 mins ( 3x/wk)
  6. Hydrating face mask for 10 mins (3x/wk)
  7. Toner
  8. Acids
  9. Essence
  10. Serums
  11. Oils
  12. Lotion (if needed)

Your face will be lookin pretty damn good after this. And this concludes, ALB’s 12 step at home spa facial experience proper skincare routine order. Congratulations! Your skin be lookin mighty fine and glassy!

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