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Carmine: What Makes a Red Lipstick errr..Red

That beautiful shade of perfect red lipstick changes a woman's mindset. To many, we feel more powerful, more confident - the world is just our playground!  Personally, I don't even have to be wearing any other makeup. I can just glide a red lipstick on and feel instantly leveled. UP.

So what is that red shade made of anyway? 

The biggest sham in cosmetic brands labeling themselves as cruelty free is when you look at the ingredients and "carmine" is listed. What is carmine? A pigment. Where is the pigment sourced from, you ask? Well it comes from thousands of pulverized tiny beetles. Exactly 4,367 pounded, squished cochineal beetles creates just an ounce of this dye that goes into your red lipstick - that goes onto your lips, that then gets inevitably, unbeknownst-ly ingested Yes, you, darling, you...and by you, I also mean me...

...Wait! What! 

Carmine Cochineal Bugs

I couldn't have this. Fine, I've eaten pulverized crickets and grasshoppers as a chef's alternative for sustainable food, but that was nourishment. This is beauty, and that's definitely not cruelty free! If I see a bunny sign on the side of a box, I expect honesty and integrity in ingredients.

So that's the sad truth.

Carmine is also hidden by these common names: carmine lake, natural red 4, C.I. 75470, or E120.

So look for it in your next red lipstick you decide to purchase or grab a red lipstick you currently own and check the ingredients to see if carmine is listed. You will be shocked at what brands use this ingredient and even more so when you check their line and they claim they are "vegan and cruelty free".

I've attached a blown up picture above if you haven't figured out that's a picture of what this poor bug looks like. You're welcome! It's for your viewing pleasure. Doesn't he just look so yummy? *shudders* *pukes* *passes out*

At Ada Lip Beauty, we decided not to use this ingredient. Instead our red coloring, along with all of our pigments across the lip line, is derived from vegetables. For our reds, it's mostly root vegetables like beets, radish, and potatoes. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I mean if the picture above doesn't gross you out enough to make you change your mind...might I just steer you in the direction of lipsticks that don't have this ingredient? There's a lot of alternatives and options out there these days. Carmine is just the go to quickie, because it's just one of those things that's tossed in there like GMOs because it's cheap and easy, and doesn't need a second look or thought.

I am.Brave. - Ada Lip Beauty's signature red lipstick is thoughtfully formulated and crafted with premium ingredients that are not only good for your body's internal system, but also for your external skin.

This is something our brand is very proud of. Ingredients that are thoughtful, safe, and natural.

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